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Bliss More Companion App is inspired and based on Light Watkins’ acclaimed book.

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Bliss More Companion App is inspired and based on Light Watkins’ acclaimed book.

Learn to meditate the E.A.S.Y way and start enjoying all the benefits from meditation in no time.

Take the Bliss More 21-Day challenge, and over a period of 3 weeks, Bliss More App will guide you into reading Bliss More and doing daily meditations. The E.A.S.Y method by Light Watkins in based on Vedic Meditation principles.

Bliss More offers you the option to set up daily reminders for your meditation practice, the 2 meditation challenges and also the Daily Dose of Inspiration written by Light!

Join the Bliss More Community, come and exchange your experiences with other meditators, ask questions…
Light will pop in from time to time to answer your questions and make sure you are having a great experience learning to Meditate.

The Bliss More Community is also the perfect place to share the story of your exchange (you can read more about this in chapter 5. The Exchange Principle) and find other meditators to hold you accountable for your daily practice.

To make it easy for you to time your meditations, Bliss More comes with a Vedic Meditation Timer. This timer has 3 settings: Ease In Time (BRE) to do a body scan, relax and get ready for meditation; Meditation Time; and Ease Out Time to let you come out of meditation smoothly and slowly.

You can opt-in to have a Settling Sound Repetition (SSR) play at the beginning of your meditation.

The timer features the current time, the time when the meditation will be over and a count down with the time remaining.

The timer screen is fully customizable to your liking. You can hide the components that you don’t need and make the current time, final time or count down the main element on the screen. You can also adjust the brightness of the timer display and pick between a black background or a dark cloudy sky.

Bliss More also lets you keep track of your mood before and after meditation and the satisfaction level of your meditation practice. (All these concepts will make sense as you read Bliss More.)

Bliss More is fully integrated with the Health App and lets you save your meditation time as Mindful Minutes. This combined with your moods, satisfaction level and heart rate will show you the impact of the E.A.S.Y meditation method on your health in general.

For the best experience and results while using the Bliss More App, although it is not required, we highly recommend that you get a copy of Bliss More by Light Watkins.

Bliss More
How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Post a message in the Bliss More Community or send us an email at

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Remember to practice everyday…

Happy Learning and Happy Meditation Time!

Jai Guru Deva!

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